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Fashion retailers and manufacturers operate in a challenging environment that is putting unprecedented pressure on sales, margins and profitability. In addition to an oversupply of merchandise and floor space, exacerbated by increasing online/mobile shopping, shorter product life cycles, increased consumer expectations for shopping experience and service - coupled with a high affinity for discounting, many retailers and brands are facing declining customer footfall, the "battle" for good staff and the race to create ever more innovative store concepts. 

Our experts are insiders in the fashion industry and have years of experience in consulting at management level. We have worked on numerous projects and know how to take an action-oriented approach to challenges such as digitalization, customer experience, business model transformation, future of POS, vertical integration, supply chain and sourcing flexibility, sustainability, data analytics and brand management. 

Whether you are a retailer or a manufacturer, we can help you improve your business model, increase your agility, make your supply chain more efficient, adapt your strategy to the digital age, optimize your internal structures and processes, and delight your customers with unique experiences that will make your business sustainably successful.

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