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The Travel, Transport & Logistics (TT&L) industry is one of the systemically important players in the economy. It is subject to constant change, which is why companies in this industry need to address technology, sustainability and security requirements in particular.

Today's challenges, such as high volatility, the rise of e-commerce, high customer expectations, the rapid pace of digitalization and the need for sustainable solutions, offer opportunities to those who are ready to seize them.

Forward-thinking TT&L companies can shape the future of the industry with strong innovation and growth.

Our services

With our services tailored to the customer, we bring you and your company further, taking into account the individual level of maturity.

Trends and our services


Driving innovation in a more traditional industry presents a number of risks, obstacles and pitfalls.

We help you identify and integrate new technologies, such as OpenAi, Blockchain, Digital Twins or the Metaverse, into your business.

Digital Transformation

About 25% of companies still do not have a digital strategy today.

We support you in developing a sustainable and implementable strategy.

Business Model Transformation

New competitors such as Amazon Logistics or VC-driven start-ups are entering the market, and regulatory changes are also demanding a review of traditional business models.

We support you in reflecting on your current business model and deriving ways to improve it.


As a major contributor to CO2 emissions, the TT&L industry has a special focus on environmental sustainability.

We support you from the development of a sustainability strategy to the efficient measurement of your emissions/ESG data, including data identification and tool selection, to the derivation and implementation of concrete improvement measures.

Supply Chain Management

There is an increasing demand for transparency, flexibility and resilience, driven by new customer requirements or new regulations such as the Supply Chain Act (LkSG).

We support you in optimizing your E2E supply chain management.

Employee Centricity

About 84% expect more severe shortages of skilled workers, including drivers.

We help you attract and retain the right talent by transforming your company into a "Great place to work".

Customer Centricity

Increasing demand for fast and timely delivery, high transparency and service, but low price.

We help you identify and focus on the right initiatives to improve your customer journey and customer satisfaction.

IT Transformation

As a more traditional industry, IT is often driven by legacy systems that are outdated and in need of modernization.

We support you on your way to a modern IT infrastructure, be it an ERP transformation, an application rationalization or a cloud transformation.

Data Value Management

TT&L has large amounts of disparate data, many of which have not yet been explored and used to improve business operations.

We help you structure your data and use it effectively to optimize your services.

Artifical Intelligence

Artificial intelligence offers great potential in the TT&L industry, e.g., by applying predictive analytics to achieve higher accuracy of estimated time of arrival.

We help you identify and implement the right use cases to improve your business.

Our topics

With the following topics we bring our customers and also ourselves forward.

Your benefits - why do our customers choose AdEx Partners?

Trusted Advisor

Strong client orientation: Acting and advising entirely aligned with our client’s needs and strategy

True and honest advice to provide the optimal solution, evaluate alternative options, and assess associated risks

Being sparring partners and coaches to empower our clients in achieving their targets.

Strive to have a deep understanding of our client‘s needs & priorities by nurturing enduring long-term relationships

Expertise & Exellence

On average consultants with more than 13 years of professional experience

Leveraging our extensive industry and in-line expertise, we provide valuable advisory and guidance to clients, assisting them in informed decision-making

Extensively skilled in managing transformation projects

Best-in-class service excellence validated by numerous awards and positive client testimonials

One Team

Collaborative approach: Our collaborative approach emphasizes client proximity, allowing us to work hand-in-hand with our customers in their project roles and scopes.

Seamless integration into the client's team for a designated period, ensuring a smooth project launch

Having a deep understanding of business complexity mixed with excellent IT expertise, we effectively bridge the gap between both worlds


Unbiased advice that exclusively serves the interests of our clients - free of hidden agendas

No dependence on external technology partners and solution providers

Not being tied to a specific provider and maintaining professionalism with all providers

Individual solution

Dynamic work approaches in times of change with more flexibility and optimized use of resources

Reduction of complexity, structuring and efficient transformation based on the respective circumstances and situations

Pragmatic approach

Expertise to define, set up, and manage transformations effectively, to achieve targets on time and within budget

Take responsibility for project success by actively enabling, fostering collaboration, and involving all teams